Completed orangeries projects

The historical definition of orangeries is the place where oranges and lemons were traditionally cultivated. Technically an orangery consists of low walls with windows and a glass roof. The overall glass covered about 75 %of the roof. The concept has become very popular recently and is considered as the contemporary version of the conservatory. Boyne Rock design and build traditional and contemporary orangery extensions achieving the aesthetic our clients desire.
Generally, the combination clients go for is a flat roofed extension with a glazed  rooflight above, the whole extension is then framed with  the Boyne Rock uPVC, Timber or Alu-Clad Window System, allowing maximum glass exposure with access to the garden with minimum framing. An orangery is flexible; options including lanterned rooflights, sliding-folding doors, and roof vents. At Boyne Rock we listen to what you want from your investment and explore our design options in order to provide our clients with stunning orangeries.